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Why Can’t I Sell My Home? An Expert Answer

Saturday, April 15, 2023   /   by Nick Waldner

Why Can’t I Sell My Home? An Expert Answer

If your home isn’t selling, it’s likely because of one of three things.

I get asked all the time, “Why is my home not selling?” Let's be very clear—only three things sell a house: location, condition, and price. Now, whether you're on the perfect cul de sac surrounded by lush trees and privacy, or you sit right on a main road or next to a power line, it really doesn't matter because your location can’t change. You might be able to add some Leland's cypress to grow and block a view, but for the most part, your location is your location. We don't have much control over that.
Now, let's think about the second two: condition and price. Those are two things we absolutely have control over. Let's start with the condition first when selling your home.

"Only three things sell a house: location, condition, and price."

You want to put the best home forward. You want the buyer to be able to walk in and feel like everything is done, and all they need to do is bring in their furniture. That means finishing all the minor repairs and updating the paint scheme or flooring. It might be redoing a kitchen or a bathroom. Obviously, there are different levels of how much you can put into a home, and that also will equate to how much you can price the home, which is the last thing.
So if we put a ton of money into it and really increase the condition, that will allow us to raise the price. However, if we only want to do a little bit, that's okay. We just have to price accordingly. So when we're talking about a pricing strategy, it's not just about what else is on the market; it's the condition of your house as well. Sometimes that can get confusing, but please let me simplify it. Every day I come out and meet with sellers, we sit down, and we talk about exactly what they need to do to get top dollar at the most convenient terms for them when selling their house.
If you have some interest or ever want to talk about pricing or your plan for selling, give me a call anytime. I would be happy to help you.

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