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Master Your Mind: A Lesson from Indian Wisdom on Choosing Positivity

Friday, March 1, 2024   /   by Nick Waldner

Master Your Mind: A Lesson from Indian Wisdom on Choosing Positivity

An old tale of two wolves gives us insight into nurturing your mind.

Today, we're going to talk about an old Indian wise man’s tale. The story revolves around the concept of two wolves residing within each individual—a good wolf propelling us forward and aiding growth and a bad wolf tempting us towards negative paths and poor decisions.

As the wise elder addressed the intrigued young minds, they asked: "Which wolf wins?" The answer was: "The one you feed." This simple yet profound response carries a powerful message about the choices we make in nurturing our thoughts and emotions.

Imagine your mind as an open container, impartial and non-judgmental, ready to absorb whatever you pour into it. It doesn't differentiate between right and wrong; it merely reflects the content it receives. So, what are you feeding your mental container?

A good wolf propels us forward and aids growth, and a bad wolf tempts us toward negative paths."

Consider the analogy of a news diet. Are you inundating your mind with the negativity portrayed in the media, focusing on the worst aspects of the world? Or are you consciously choosing to invest your time in positive activities such as quality time with family, reading, podcasts, or uplifting books?

The story emphasizes the creation of expectations based on what we feed our minds. A personal encounter in France serves as a vivid example. Despite warnings of unfriendly locals, the narrator and his wife approached the journey with positivity, ensuring gracious interactions. The result? A transformative experience, defying the negative expectations set by others.

The lesson here is clear: the wolf that grows within us is the one we choose to nourish. By intentionally feeding our minds with positivity, kindness, and optimism, we shape our expectations and experiences in a more uplifting manner. The tale encourages reflection on our daily choices—what we choose to watch, read, and engage with—and how those choices impact our mindset.

The wise elder's tale prompts us to consider the actions we take each day, guiding our conversations, interactions with loved ones, and the mental diet we offer our families. Ultimately, it urges us to be mindful of the wolf we choose to feed and the profound influence it has on our lives. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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