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Keystone Habits: Your Key to a Productive and Purposeful Life

Friday, August 4, 2023   /   by Nick Waldner

Keystone Habits: Your Key to a Productive and Purposeful Life

This is how I’ve been practicing the concept of keystone habits.
The book "The Power of Habits" by Charles Duhigg opened my eyes to the concept of keystone habits, which are powerful tools that make achieving our goals easier. For example, if I aim to wake up early and work out, the keystone habit would be establishing a consistent bedtime routine and avoiding distractions like binge-watching Netflix or social media.

Also, recently, I purchased a balance board for my kids, though my younger children don't use it as much. While I'm unsure about my older child's interest in sports, I believe developing balance is essential to offer him various options. Being balanced automatically enhances athleticism and enables excellence in different sports and activities. Another excellent keystone habit is having dinner together as a family every night, as research shows it correlates with higher grades, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence in children.

As I reflect on this concept, I realize the significance of identifying keystone habits in both personal and business aspects of life. By prioritizing these foundational habits, everything else can fall into place more smoothly, leading to greater success.

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